Jenny Howard standing on a beach with camera in hand


Of birds and other wild critters

Photography started as a fun way to pass time on remote islands and as a way for me to capture photos during my travels to share with family and friends. It progressed quickly to wanting to learn the intricacies of lighting and composition, and I was fortunate to work in some beautiful locations and practice my “skills” more.

In Fall 2018, I had the honor of showcasing my photography at the student art gallery at Wake Forest University. The exhibit, “[photo] Tracking in the Galápagos” shared 35 photos taken during fieldwork for my PhD dissertation on Isla Española in the Galápagos Islands. Transforming the science into visually captivating images was a powerful idea for me. Below you can see some of the photos that appeared in the exhibit, plus some favorites from other remote field sites.

Photo of photography exhibit at Wake Downtown

Galápagos Islands, Ecuador


Johnston Atoll National Wildlife Refuge


Seal Island National Wildlife Refuge


North Carolina Coast


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